Travel during Pregnancy


As an obstetrician and gynecologist in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Max Izbicki provides personalized care to women throughout the course of their pregnancies. Dr. Max Izbicki assists women with both high- and low-risk pregnancies, offering expert advice on key topics such as nutrition and travel during pregnancy.

When women become pregnant for the first time, they often ask their doctors about a range of issues related to traveling during their pregnancies. In April 2017, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) released a document that covers some of the most common questions about travel for pregnant women. According to ACOG, the ideal time for a pregnant woman to travel is during the second trimester, between week 14 and week 28, because problems are most likely to occur during the first or third trimesters. Under normal circumstances, however, a pregnant woman can safely travel until she reaches the 36-week mark.

Other considerations should also factor into the decision to travel while pregnant. For example, women carrying more than one fetus face more risks and may want to refrain from travel. Other pregnancy complications may also preclude travel. For example, a woman dealing with preeclampsia would be wise to avoid travel. Pregnant women should also carefully attend to the conditions in the locale that they intend to visit. Many mosquito-borne illnesses present in certain popular tourist areas can threaten the health of both mother and baby.

ACOG also suggests that women consider the specific challenges associated with each type of travel. For example, some airlines have specific restrictions that could present a problem for pregnant women. International flights often carry even stricter rules about the cutoff date for when a pregnant woman can fly.

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